• Connect the Drops: Let’s stop litter from trashing our water

    Water quality in Onondaga Lake Onondaga Lake is the best it’s been in 100 years! Following the many improvements through gray and green infrastructure implementation, individual actions really do make a difference in water quality. Reducing street litter that finds its way into the lake and its tributaries is a major focus of our efforts in the coming years.

    Let’s work together to put trash in it’s place and keep it out of the environment. We can all make a difference. Visit our Connect the Drops page to learn how you can take simple steps to help stop litter from trashing our water!

    Connect the Drops - miss by an inch miss by miles

  • Save the Rain in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

    The Save the Rain team enjoyed another great St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Syracuse on March 12, 2016!
    St. Patrick's Day 2016

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  • Save the Rain Leaf Bags Available

    Autumn has arrived and the leaves are falling! It’s that time of year to rake the leaves and bag them up to keep them out of the sewer. You can pick up Save the Rain leaf bags at the following local libraries and community centers near you: (more…)

  • Welcome to the Save the Rain Blog!

    Welcome to the Save the Rain blog journal. The Save the Rain blog is intended to give the public the opportunity to hear first-hand the success, opportunities and challenges as we implement the program. In this portion of the website, we will take an in-depth look at different subjects and provide opinions on topics related to the clean-up efforts for Onondaga Lake. The blog will offer the unique perspective of individuals connected to the program. From decision makers to community members, design professionals to local business leaders, we will discuss the issues that impact the development of one of the most successful water restoration projects in the country.
    We look forward to connecting with the community through this blog journal. Check back soon for our first entry.