Green Programs

Vacant Lot Program involves the conversion of City and County-owned empty lots into usable spaces for public benefit. This conversion can be done while capturing stormwater at the same time. The first green project in the Vacant Lot Program was implemented in 2011 at 701 Oswego Street. Three more projects were completed in 2012, on Hartson, W. Onondaga, and Putnam streets. Vacant Lot Project - 109 Hartson Street
Rain Barrel Program distributes free rain barrels to City of Syracuse homeowners to capture stormwater from the roof of their homes. Over 1200 rain barrels have been distributed to date. Rain water collected in the barrels can be used to water flowers, wash cars, or other non-potable purposes. Holding that water running off from our roofs during the storms reduces the flow into sewer system. Every drop counts! STR_RainBarrel
Tree Planting Program is planting thousands of trees throughout the City of Syracuse! More than 3500 trees have been planted to date. Some of these are street trees in the city right-of-way between the sidewalk and curb. Others are planted in parks during community tree planting events. Contact us to find out if you are eligible for a free tree 🙂 Tree Planting