Public Projects

One of the key components critical to the success of the Save the Rain program is the implementation of green infrastructure practices on public property. The County’s public works green infrastructure plan is the backbone of the STR program and provides opportunities for the community to experience the ancillary benefits of green infrastructure first hand. Additionally, these public projects have included several signature concepts that introduce GI in innovative ways. Projects on the OnCenter campus, War Memorial and other County owned properties have transformed downtown Syracuse and generated national interest.These set of projects, affectionately referred to as the “Civic Strip”, includes an innovative water re-use system to make ice for the Syracuse Crunch at the War Memorial, one of the first commercial green streets on Harrison Street and one of the largest green roof applications in the North East.

In addition to public works projects on County owned property, the Save the Rain program works very closely with the City of Syracuse to identify and implement construction projects on property owned by the City. The City and County meet on a bi-weekly basis to coordinate projects and work in the community on additional opportunities. The City-County collaboration is one of the leading factors that lead to the designation of Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse to be named a model community for green infrastructure by the US EPA. The City projects include significant collaboration with City Parks, DPW and Neighborhood Development offices. The City-County collaboration has also yielded several residential green street projects.

For a list of City-County green projects, please click here