New Report: Banking on Green

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Banking on Green – A Look at How Green Infrastructure Can Save Municipalities Money and Provide Economic Benefits Community-wide, a joint report released this month by American Rivers, Water Environment Federation (WEF), the American Society of Landscape Architects and ECONorthwest.

Visit the reports page to flip through or download the report.

Or check out the American Rivers webpage for more details…

“This report focuses on the economic impacts caused by polluted urban runoff, also known as stormwater,” a significantly growing source of water pollution in the United States. It’s not intended to be an academic or technical document, but instead to be an “easy to read” compendium of current experiences, analysis and knowledge. Our goal is to provide something useful for municipal and utility officials, local, state and national elected representatives, and the general public. As stormwater professionals and researchers gather more information about the performance of green infrastructure, and refine the techniques that fall in this category of stormwater management, it’s important to translate their findings into useful information for policy makers and others. Information about the economics of green infrastructure and about stormwater more broadly is critical to our ongoing conversations about the shape of our communities and the infrastructure they depend upon…”

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