Major Milestone for Onondaga Lake Cleanup

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Onondaga Lake is well on its way to recovery from its polluted past. A major milestone was reached this week as a barrier wall was completed which will stop contaminated groundwater from flowing into the lake.  Additionally, according to studies by the Upstate Freshwater Institute, the Lake is progressing toward “swimmable” status.

Visit the links below to read more on these developments:
”Onondaga Lake cleanup hits milestone this week with completion of barrier wall” – Post Standard
Onondaga Lake ready for swimming?” – News Channel 9, WSYR

2009: Judge amends agreement at county’s request to drop building new sewage treatment facilities, allows shift to storage and green infrastructure. Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney launches the Save the Rain program.

2011: Barrier wall completed, preventing contaminated groundwater from flowing into Onondaga Lake.

2012: Date by which the lake should be made “swimmable and fishable” to comply with the Clean Water Act.

2013: Onondaga County will complete construction of two stormwater storage facilities – Clinton Storage Facility (6 million gallon capacity) and Lower Harbor Brook Storage Facility (4.9 million gallon capacity).

2016: Honeywell scheduled to complete its work.

2018: The ACJ deadline by which the County will capture 95% of its annual CSO volume, 250 million gallons of which will be through the use of green infrastructure.

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