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The Save the Rain program has developed a solid relationship with the City of Syracuse Parks Department to identify storm water management opportunities. This relationship has fostered the development of several projects throughout the City Parks system. One such project currently in the final stages of completion is renovations at the Pass Arboretum Park on Avery Ave. The park is a long standing staple of the neighborhood located on the west side of the City, adjacent to Burnet Park. Pass Arboretum features over 12 acres of park land that has served the community since 1925. 

The Pass Arboretum project consists of the installation of 11,000 square feet of rain gardens along the east side (Avery Ave. side) of the park. The rain gardens have been positioned to capture and collect storm water from both the park and the adjacent road way (Avery Ave.). The location of the rain gardens also lend themselves for ideal educational opportunities with walkways for pedestrian traffic woven into the footprint.

Additionally, the project was designed with consideration for historic preservation of the property. Back when the park was donated, the deed stipulated specific uses for the land that have been maintained for over 85 years. The final concept of the project incorporated the intended use of the space in the final design.

The rain garden concept, incorporated at Pass Arboretum Park, mirrors design features currently being constructed at the Zoo entrance on Wilbur Avenue. Other locations throughout the parks system are also under consideration for similar concepts. 

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