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The Wilbur Ave Zoo Entrance Enhancement Project involves capturing stormwater runoff from numerous adjacent streets and piping that stormwater into rain garden applications in the park space located at the Zoo entrance. Stormwater will be captured from Conservation Place, S. Wilbur Avenue, and Coleridge Avenue as part of this project. The three rain gardens that will be constructed are connected hydraulically, allowing overflows from each rain garden to be connected to the other rain gardens and eventually the combined sewer system.


Elephant Barn Green Roof

Primate Exhibit

Zoo Wetland

Zoo Parking Lot

The rain gardens will be planted with numerous types of plant species that will beautify the Zoo entrance, promoting further pedestrian traffic in this area. At the same time, these plants will allow captured rainwater to be infiltrated and evaporated, preventing it from entering the combined sewer system. A unique aspect of this project is that existing infrastructure (i.e. catch basins) will be tied in to the site and utilized for capturing rainwater. This will reduce construction disruptions and allows the project to be more cost efficient.


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As Bid - Part I

As Bid - Part II

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