Green Street Candidates in CSO 052 Sewershed (Elmwood Neighborhood)


Project Description: The CSO 052 Green Streets Project is another example of the Save the Rain Program targeting a specific area for green infrastructure implementation.   This application, within the CSO 052 sewershed, is intended to reduce pollution to Onondaga Creek and Onondaga Lake. The project will be located on eight streets within the City: Elmhurst Avenue, South Avenue, Robineau Avenue, Charmouth Drive, Fairfield Avenue, Fletcher Avenue, Edgewood Avenue, and Hutchinson Avenue.

The project will use three different types of green infrastructure practices: underground infiltration trenches, bioretention, and tree plantings. These green infrastructure practices will provide water quality improvement through infiltration and provide detention storage, thereby reducing overflows. In total, the project consists of 23 underground infiltration trenches, 1 bioretention area and 5 new tree plantings. The underground infiltration trenches provide a very high capture volume without requiring an obtrusive footprint at the surface, maximizing cost efficiency.

The project, upon completion, will capture runoff from approximately 9.75 acres of impervious area, reducing stormwater runoff to the combined sewer by approximately 7.1 million gallons annually. The project areas include:


  • Charmouth Drive from Robineau Road to Arlington Avenue – 6 underground infiltration trenches;
    annual stormwater runoff capture: 1,796,000 gallons
  • Fairfield Avenue from Fletcher to South avenues – 1 underground trench, 1 bioretention area; annual stormwater runoff capture: 696,000 gallons
  • Hutchinson Avenue from Clayton to South avenues and  Fletcher and Edgewood avenues from Hutchinson to Fairfield avenues – 7 underground infiltration trenches; annual stormwater runoff capture: 2,414,000 gallons
  • South Avenue from W. Brighton to Eastman avenues – 4 underground infiltration trenches; annual runoff capture: 938,000 gallons
  • Elmhurst Avenue from Bishop Avenue to Hunt and Randall avenues 4 underground infiltration trenches; annual runoff capture: 1,642,000 gallons


Download project details below:

CSO 052 Fact Sheet


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