Green Streets in CSO060/077 Sewershed

Green Street Candidates in CSO060/077

The Green Streets Project in CSO 060/077 is a comprehensive green street application on multiple streets within the CSO 060/077 sewershed. CSO 060/077 is a high priority sewershed that discharges frequently during rain events. The candidates for green streets are listed below with capture area and runoff reduction estimates:

  • McKinley Avenue – Capture Area: 136,508 sq. ft.  Runoff Reduction: 1,150,000 gal/yr
  • Roney Lane – Capture Area: 121,303 sq. ft.  Runoff Reduction: 1,190,000 gal/yr
  • East Colvin Street – Capture Area: 105,790 sq. ft.  Runoff Reduction: 920,000 gal/yr
  • Comstock Avenue – Capture Area: 807,144 sq. ft.  Runoff Reduction: 3,700,000 gal/yr
  • Ackerman Avenue – Capture Area: 462,636 sq. ft.  Runoff Reduction: 4,280,000 gal/yr
  • Lancaster Avenue – Capture Area: 486,474 sq. ft.  Runoff Reduction: 4,730,000 gal/yr

In 2016, the candidates will proceed to detailed design. This project is intended to demonstrate green infrastructure applications at key points along these streets in order to capture stormwater and enhance local urban streetscapes.

The project is proposed to incorporate tree plantings in the right-of-way, the installation of infiltration trenches underneath the roadway, tree planters, traditional bioretention, and rain garden measures throughout project boundaries.

Download project details below:
CSO 066/077 Fact Sheet


This project is in the design phase – project plans & technical specifications coming soon!


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