Green Separation CSO 052 at South & Mitchell Avenues



The Green Separation of CSO 052 Project will be accomplished through the collaborative efforts of Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse.  Historically, the area around the proposed detention basin has been prone to severe flooding throughout the year.  This is due, in part, to years of illegal dumping that impacted the natural surface and groundwater flow patterns.  The County and the City have partnered to help limit this problem through the installation of a slow-release stormwater detention basin and infiltration.  Additionally, the County is undertaking a storm sewer separation project on Mitchell Avenue to separate stormwater from the existing combined sewer system.

The primary goal of the project is to reduce the volume of stormwater that flows into the combined sewer system along South, Cornell, and Mitchell Avenues, all within CSO 052.  The secondary goal is to reduce the level of flooding experienced in this area.  The new detention/slow release facility will be constructed on property owned by the City of Syracuse and will capture runoff from South and Cornell Avenues as well as from the City’s property, totaling 890,400 square feet of drainage area.  The facility will have the capacity to store 1,155,700 gallons of stormwater during rain events.  Stormwater will be slowly released to the Armstrong Place sewer system.  It is expected that the detention/slow release facility will improve the stormwater management and drainage in this area and lessen the effects of flooding onto residential properties that adjoin the City-owned property.

Additionally, runoff from 140,700 square feet of drainage area along Mitchell Avenue will be collected in a new storm sewer system and directed to an underground infiltration basin with an annual runoff reduction volume of approximately 1,241,900 gallons, totaling 3,781,200 gallons  per year for the full project.


Download project details including the fact sheet, slides from the 4/19/16 community meeting, and design renderings below:

Green Separation of CSO 052 - Mitchell Ave

Aerial view

Mitchell Ave site planSouth Ave site planSections



















Full project plans & technical specifications coming soon!

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