Trolley Lot Closing September 1 for Construction

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The parking lot known as the “Trolley Lot,” bounded by Dickerson Street, Onondaga Creek and the elevated railroad tracks adjacent to Armory Square, will be closing on September 1, 2011 as construction begins on the new Clinton Storage Facility.  This 6 million gallon stormwater storage facility is a state-of-the-art project designed to provide underground storage of stormwater during periods of rain and snow to prevent harmful sewer discharges into Onondaga Creek and Onondaga Lake.  The facility will be located in and under the current “Trolley Lot.”

At or near the end of construction, the lot will be restored to a street level parking lot, as the majority of the CSO Storage System will be underground.

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This project will require the use of large construction equipment on site as well as trucking of soils, select fill, concrete and other construction materials and equipment to and from the site. The County has completed a noise survey and the project includes noise mitigation to comply with the City of Syracuse noise ordinance. The project also includes requirements for mitigation of construction related dust. A temporary bridge will be constructed early in the project such that construction traffic in and out of the site will be on Fabius Street, West Street and I-690.

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