Annual Report 2013

Please see below for the 2103 ACJ Annual Report, submitted to the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation on April 1, 2014. An addendum was submitted on November 2, 2015 to address NYSDEC comments received in June and September 2015.

**Note: due to large file sizes, the report is split into 2 PDF files. Appendices and the addendum are each in separate PDF files at the bottom of the page.**

2013 ACJ Annual Report (Part 1)

ACJ 2013 Part 1

2013 ACJ Annual Report (Part 2)

ACJ 2013 Part 2


AppendixB_2013 CSO BMP Annual Rpt

AppendixC_2013 CSO Flow Monitoring Data_RepCSOs

AppendixD_AMP 2013 Annual Data Rpt

AppendixE_SWMM Third Party Review

AppendixF_SWMM Validation Charts

AppendixG_2013 Permission Ordinance 

ADDENDUM – November 2, 2015