Green Improvement Fund (GIF) Projects

The Green Improvement Fund is a public-private partnership program created under the leadership of CounGif Projectty Executive Joanne M.  Mahoney to help facilitate the construction of green infrastructure on private commercial and nonprofit properties in eligible areas within the Combined Sewershed Basins in the City of Syracuse.

Created in 2010, the Green Improvement Fund has been very successful. Over 80 green infrastructure projects have been completed, capturing more than 38 million gallons of stormwater runoff. These green infrastructure projects including the installation of porous pavement, added green space, rain gardens, green roofs, and infiltration trenches.

TGIF Projecthe Green Improvement Fund has awarded six rounds of funding for projects thus far; currently the Green Improvement Fund is accepting applications new projects. More information about the application process and current priority funding areas can be found here:

Below you will find a list of Green Improvement Fund projects. Please check back often for updates on new and ongoing projects.

Please click the links below to view projects. 

2019 – Ongoing

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
Near West Side Initiative Performance ParkBioretention, Infiltration Trench$681,6582,189,400

2018 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - Mill Pond Landing (MPL Armory)Cistern$48,000130,425

2017 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - Park Avenue Lantern Corporation (Dietz Factory)Added Green Space, Underground Infiltration$517,0002,006,100
GIF - Tan A Grocery StoreAdded Green Space, Underground Infiltration$52,000226,100

2016 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - 712 East Fayette StreetPorous Pavement, Underground Infiltration$46,800392,500
GIF - Ra-Lin Retail StoreAdded Green Space, Bioretention, Porous Pavement$238,6001,281,300
GIF - RF Esposito Parking LotRoof Leader Disconnection, Underground Infiltration$136,150643,200
GIF - RJ Westcott HoldingsPorous Pavement$125,750446,700
GIF - St. Joseph’s Hospital (301 Prospect Ave.)Cistern$145,900713,300

2015 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - Auto Row Realty (Crest Acura)Added Green Space, Porous Pavement$164,000639,000
GIF - Ra-Lin Warehouse Green RoofGreen Roof$137,000242,800
GIF - St. Joseph’s Hospital: Hickory Street$33,100334,600
GIF - Swallow's TavernAdded Green Space, Drywell, Porous Pavement$117,000426,800
GIF - Tucker Missionary Baptist ChurchAdded Green Space, Porous Pavement$164,4001,269,500
GIF - Zip NetworksGreen Roof$205,775250,500

2014 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - 360 Warren AssociatesGreen Roof$107,864256,800
GIF - Bethany Baptist Church Phase 2Bioretention, Porous Pavement$172,038907,000
GIF - Brewster Medical/Genesee Medical CenterInfiltration System$221,000837,700
GIF - Butternut CommonsUnderground Infiltration$104,430704,100
GIF - JC Smith, Inc.Porous Pavement$84,411394,000
GIF - JNJ SyracuseAdded Green Space, Porous Pavement$32,600105,100
GIF - Nojaim’s Grocery StoreDrywell, Underground Infiltration$234,8001,216,100
GIF - Onondaga Commons Rural Metro Phase 1Porous Pavement$176,787920,200
GIF - Onondaga Commons Rural Metro Phase 2Added Green Space, Porous Pavement$294,300808,000
GIF - Onondaga Commons: 506 W Onondaga St.Added Green Space, Porous Pavement$124,100303,300
GIF - Pike BlockCistern$126,900585,200
GIF - St. Lucy's Church 2014Bioretention, Porous Pavement$69,000274,000
GIF - Syracuse Center for Peace and Social JusticeDrywell, Porous Pavement, Underground Infiltration$57,700160,000
GIF - Taksum Development (United Uniform)Added Green Space, Porous Pavement$45,200190,500
GIF - University Hill Apartments$36,500303,100
GIF - VanKeuren SquareAdded Green Space, Bioswale, Cistern, Porous Pavement, Underground Infiltration$70,200464,125

2013 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - Bethany Baptist Church Phase 1Bioretention, Rain Garden$162,6801,461,700
GIF - Consuelas Taqueria & BBQBioretention, Porous Pavement$38,23868,100
GIF - Create Public ArtGreen Roof, Porous Pavement$100,01190,000
GIF - Erie Bruce Corp.$151,7001,172,900
GIF - Genesee Plaza Added Green Space, Underground Infiltration$616,1003,590,100
GIF - Grace Episcopal ChurchAdded Green Space, Porous Pavement, Rain Garden$99,000262,100
GIF - Graham Millwork Company Green RoofGreen Roof$90,500114,400
GIF - Home Headquarters Marcellus StreetBioretention, Bioretention (Stormwater Planter)$40,500102,600
GIF - Housing Visions: 116 Hawley AveAdded Green Space, Porous Pavement, Rain Garden, Tree Plantings$194,650564,400
GIF - Loon CreekBioretention (Stormwater Planter), Drywell, Porous Pavement$137,350383,000
GIF - McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy CenterBioretention (Stormwater Planter), Porous Pavement$178,050604,000
GIF - NWSI Salt QuartersAdded Green Space, Porous Pavement, Rain Garden$94,300306,500
GIF - NWSI: WCNY Case SupplyAdded Green Space, Bioretention, Rain Garden$98,5271,111,800
GIF - Onondaga Commons - Lean on Me DaycarePorous Pavement$199,500534,100
GIF - Onondaga Commons: Harris Health CenterPorous Pavement$77,800196,400
GIF - Onondaga Commons: Slocum AvePorous Pavement$124,200322,600
GIF - P.E.A.C.E. Inc.Added Green Space, Porous Pavement$52,200133,600
GIF - People's AME Zion ChurchAdded Green Space, Porous Pavement$61,400152,800
GIF - Salina Shoe SalonPorous Pavement$48,000191,600
GIF - Smith Housing, LLCPorous Pavement$52,600232,000
GIF - South Side Community Coalition (South Side Food Co-op)Porous Pavement, Tree Trench$59,800161,000
GIF - St. Patrick's ApartmentsAdded Green Space, Drywell, Porous Pavement$177,300559,200
GIF - United Auto SupplyUnderground Infiltration$57,600749,100
GIF - VNA HomecareDrywell, Infiltration Trench$65,800516,000

2012 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - 100 Clinton SquarePorous Pavement, Tree Trench, Underground Infiltration$533,3002,025,400
GIF - American BeechDrywell, Porous Pavement$53,050146,100
GIF - Arc of Onondaga CountyPorous Pavement$78,907299,400
GIF - Brooklyn PickleBioretention, Rain Garden$30,555151,900
GIF - CNY Regional Transportation Authority (CENTRO)Underground Infiltration$65,3901,243,000
GIF - Copper Beech CommonsBioretention, Porous Pavement$144,4001,405,500
GIF - Gemmi BoyAdded Green Space, Cistern, Porous Pavement, Underground Infiltration$47,537108,200
GIF - Kopp Billing AgencyBioretention (Stormwater Planter), Drywell$25,300332,400
GIF - Mister Lady BugPorous Pavement, Tree Plantings$46,700113,200
GIF - Park Central Presbyterian ChurchPorous Pavement, Tree Plantings$61,050145,300
GIF - People's Community Development CorporationGreen Roof$80,82577,200
GIF - Synapse DowntownCistern, Porous Pavement, Rain Barrels, Tree Trench$35,700127,900
GIF - Teall Centre (PriceRite Grocery Store)Bioretention (Stormwater Planter), Porous Pavement$204,0002,700,400
GIF - Vibrant Syracuse Spaces Green Roof (The Gear Factory)Green Roof$198,680226,000

2011 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - CNY Jazz Arts Foundation Green RoofGreen Roof$52,18853,000
GIF - CNY Philanthropy CenterGreen Roof, Porous Pavement, Rain Garden$62,700194,900
GIF - Hotel SkylerCistern, Porous Pavement$100,000173,000
GIF - Matawon Development GroupInfiltration Trench$24,21473,600
GIF - Monroe BuildingGreen Roof$99,31192,000
GIF - Putnam PropertiesGreen Roof$75,75781,000
GIF - Skiddy Park: Courts4KidsPorous Pavement$163,204420,300
GIF - Spa at 500 W. Onondaga Green RoofGreen Roof$34,34798,600
GIF - The Galleries Office TowersUnderground Infiltration$100,000352,000
GIF - Vibrant Syracuse Spaces (The Gear Factory)Bioretention, Porous Pavement$153,618176,000

2010 – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
GIF - Dunbar AssociationPorous Pavement$100,000225,000
GIF - Jefferson Clinton CommonsGreen Roof, Porous Pavement$100,000299,000
GIF - King & King Architects Green RoofGreen Roof$100,000197,000
GIF - NWSI Artist StudioInfiltration Basin, Porous Pavement, Rain Garden$22,731130,000
GIF - NWSI Lincoln BuildingBioretention, Infiltration Trench, Tree Planters$78,000476,000
GIF - Spa at 500 W. Onondaga Parking LotBioretention$52,740150,000
GIF - St. Lucy's Church 2010Porous Pavement$125,000352,000
GIF - SUNY ESF Residence HallBioswale, Cistern, Infiltration Trench$78,00062,000
GIF - Syracuse Model Neighborhood CorporationRain Garden$78,907387,000

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