Green Projects List

Green Projects showcases Green Infrastructure improvements made in the city of Syracuse.

Please click the links below to view projects. Check back often as new projects are completed and updated on a regular basis.

2018 Projects – Ongoing

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)

2017 Projects – Ongoing

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)

2017 Projects – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
Green Park: McKinley ParkBioretention, Infiltration System, Porous Pavement$690,000945,000
Green Street: Newell StreetUnderground Infiltration$59,85591,492
Road Reconstruction: Prospect AveUnderground Infiltration280,000
Road Reconstruction: Wellesley RoadUnderground Infiltration447,000
Vacant Lot at 621 W. Newell StreetBioretention$93,645159,065

2016 Projects – Ongoing

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)

2016 Projects – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
Green Separation CSO 052 at South & Mitchell AvenuesGreen Separation$2,428,0003,781,200
Lynch Avenue Infiltration TrenchUnderground Infiltration$106,251398,800
Road Reconstruction: West Colvin StreetUnderground Infiltration$92,680236,000
State Street Green CorridorBioretention, Bioswale, Green Street, Porous Pavement, Rain Garden$1,523,6023,300,000

2015 Projects – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
Southwest Community CenterBioretention, Porous Pavement$351,646803,600

2014 Projects – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
Comfort Tyler ParkBioretention, Bioswale, Green Solutions, Porous Pavement$584,603982,000
Connective Corridor Phases 2 & 3: West Street to Forman ParkGreen Street, Infiltration Trench, Porous Pavement, Tree Plantings$973,25510,975,000
Magnarelli Community Center Green RoofGreen Roof$304,000183,000
Vacant Lots at Hughes Magnet SchoolBioretention, Infiltration Trench, Tree Trench$250,2481,106,000

2013 Projects – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
East Washington Street Green CorridorBioswale, Porous Pavement, Underground Infiltration$710,162933,000
I-690 Downspout DisconnectionInfiltration Trench, Rain Garden$597,4501,250,000
Oneida Street - Road ReconstructionUnderground Infiltration$188,0001,574,000
Richmond Ave - Road ReconstructionUnderground Infiltration$254,0001,452,000
Rosamond Gifford Zoo WetlandCistern, Stormwater Wetland$1,284,3681,744,000
South Clinton Street - Road ReconstructionUnderground Infiltration$221,000893,000
West Fayette Street Sewer SeparationGreen Separation$446,2697,858,600
West Onondaga Green CorridorTree Plantings, Underground Infiltration$1,265,4745,586,000
Westcott Street Porous Pavement ProjectPorous Pavement, Tree Planters, Underground Infiltration$852,0001,180,000

2012 Projects – Ongoing

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)

2012 Projects – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
Atrium Garage Pilot CisternCistern$2,87538,400
Bank Street/Bank AlleyBioretention (Stormwater Planter)$108,000622,000
City Parking Lot #4Bioretention, Porous Pavement, Tree Trench$381,0001,175,000
Delaware Rain GardenRain Garden$910,914227,000
Downtown Streetscape - 100 S State St.Enhanced Street Trees$133,884201,000
Downtown Streetscape - 200 Montgomery Street (East Side)Enhanced Street Trees$92,317118,000
Gifford Street - Road Reconstruction$138,1651,071,000
Harbor Brook Wetland ProjectTreatment Wetland$4,519,79014,880,000
Hughes Magnet School - Arbor Day 2012 Tree PlantingsCommunity Tree Planting$020,000
Leavenworth/Barker ParkBioretention, Bioswale, Porous Pavement$574,5001,574,000
Lewis Park Enhancements - Green ParkPorous Pavement$217,285524,000
N. State Street – Green StreetBioretention, Porous Pavement$226,8521,050,000
OCPL - Beauchamp LibraryBioretention, Rain Garden$113,075152,000
OCPL - Hazard LibraryBioretention$174,846299,000
OCPL - Mundy LibraryBioretention, Porous Pavement$204,075210,000
OCPL - Petit LibraryPorous Pavement, Roof Leader Disconnection$132,146156,000
OCPL - White LibraryInfiltration Trench, Porous Pavement, Rain Barrels, Rain Garden$185,187369,000
OEC Demonstration Project: 133 Vale StreetRain Garden$01,000
Post Office Green Roof - S. Salina StreetGreen Roof$242,860226,000
Rosamond Gifford Zoo Parking LotBioretention, Porous Pavement$04,314,000
Seymour Academy Parking LotInfiltration Beds, Porous Pavement$216,309480,000
Seymour Academy PlaygroundPavement Removal, Rain Garden, Tree Trench$157,000140,000
South State Street Road ReconstructionInfiltration Trench$291,0441,306,000
Street Tree Contract - Fall 2012 PlantingStreet Tree Plantings$108,827850,000
Street Tree Contract - Spring 2012 PlantingEnhanced Street Trees$108,827850,000
Street Tree Planting - Marcellus StStreet Tree Plantings$016,000
Sumner Ave Road ReconstructionInfiltration Trench$117,288302,000
SUNY Upstate - Biotechnology CenterBioretention$147,1003,167,000
SUNY Upstate - Townsend Towers Bioswale$149,900775,000
Tree Pit PilotEnhanced Street Trees$09,000
Vacant Lot: 109 Hartson StreetBioretention, Tree Plantings$36,83199,000
Vacant Lot: 1344-50 W. Onondaga StreetBioretention, Tree Plantings$68,577121,000
Vacant Lot: 224-226 Putnam StreetBioretention, Tree Plantings$43,787120,000
Vacant Lot: 701 Oswego St.Bioretention$99,714178,000
Wadsworth Park - Green ParkBioretention, Infiltration Beds$344,5961,111,000
Westcott Community Center ProjectPorous Pavement, Rain Barrels$52,50092,000

2011 Projects – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
Bellevue Academy Arbor Day Tree PlantingTree Plantings$020,000
Compensatory Storage for Harbor Brook CSO Treatment WetlandTreatment Wetland$260,0000
Concord Place - Green StreetGreen Street, Infiltration Basin$129,336330,000
Connective Corridor Phase 1, Project 1: University AveGreen Street, Porous Pavement, Tree Trench$948,7173,832,000
Connective Corridor Phase 1, Project 2: Forman ParkLandscape Enhacement$50,000121,000
Connective Corridor Phase 1, Project 3: East Genesee StreetGreen Street$621,8702,505,000
County Board of Elections BuildingInfiltration Trench$0114,000
Downtown StreetscapesEnhanced Street Trees$218,813198,000
E. Water Street Pavement RemovalAdded Green Space, Bioretention, Bioretention (Stormwater Planter)$147,953406,000
Enhanced Street Tree Plantings - 2011Enhanced Street Trees, Tree Plantings$122,352814,000
Erie Canal Museum Green RoofGreen Roof$73,48050,000
Geddes Street Road ReconstructionBioretention$278,196515,000
Greening the Gray at Clinton StorageBioretention, Green Roof$03,822,000
Greening the Gray at Lower Harbor Brook StorageBioretention, Green Separation, Porous Pavement$0305,000
Greening the Gray in Basin 044Rain Garden$0309,000
Greening the Gray in Basin 045Downspout Disconnection$069,000
Harrison Street - Commercial Green Street Bioretention, Green Street, Infiltration Trench$109,920162,000
Hazard Library Green RoofGreen Roof$67,275123,000
OEC Demonstration Project: Barnabas CenterGreen Wall, Rain Garden$021,000
OEC Demonstration Project: Bishop FoeryRain Barrels, Rain Garden$029,303
OnCenter Green RoofGreen Roof$1,038,0001,511,000
OnCenter Municipal Parking GarageBioretention, Rain Garden$257,4241,056,000
OnCenter Surface Parking LotPorous Pavement, Tree Trench$529,0402,129,000
Otisco Street Green CorridorCurb Extenstions, Green Street, Rain Garden$1,616,6352,175,000
Pass Arboretum Rain Gardens on Avery AveRain Garden$322,205640,000
Pocket Park at W. Genesee & N. Clinton - Robert R. Haggart ParkBioretention, Porous Pavement$105,000125,000
Rain Barrel ProgramRain Barrels$35,9371,216,413
Rosamond Gifford Zoo: Elephant Exhibit Green RoofGreen Roof$183,000114,000
SCSD - Central Offices Parking LotInfiltration Beds, Porous Pavement$420,7671,849,000
SCSD - Dr. Weeks ElementaryBioretention$89,000579,000
SCSD - Hughes Magnet SchoolPorous Pavement$314,4401,058,000
SCSD - Institute of TechnologySeparation$02,251,000
Skiddy Park EnhancementsPorous Pavement, Spray Fountain$246,452289,000
Stadium Parking LotPorous Pavement$01,054,000
Sunnycrest Arena Parking LotBioretention, Pavement Reduction$410,3721,876,000
Sunnycrest Golf Course Parking LotRain Garden, Stream Inflow Removal$410,3721,017,000
SUNY Upstate - Institute for Human PerformanceTree Trench$018,000
SUNY Upstate Cancer Center - Rain Garden & Tree PlantingBioretention, Tree Plantings$18,77565,000
SUNY Upstate Cancer Center – Green RoofGreen Roof$122,450211,000
Townsend Median Project - Phase 1Bioretention, Vegetated Media Retrofit$173,585384,000
Townsend Median Project - Phase 2Bioretention, Pavement Removal, Tree Plantings$43,02953,000
Tree Plantings at Union & Demong ParksTree Plantings$048,000
Tree Plantings in and around Schiller ParkTree Plantings$0160,000
Tree Plantings in Court WoodlawnTree Plantings$0118,000
War Memorial Cistern SystemCistern, Stormwater Reuse Cistern$1,418,640400,000
Water Street GatewayInfiltration Trench, Porous Pavement$986,937791,000
Wilbur Ave Zoo EntrancePorous Pavement, Rain Garden$369,581638,000

2010 Projects – Completed

Project TitleType of GI Technology*Cost**Capture (gal/yr)
City Lot #21 (Downtown Farmer's Market)Bioretention, Infiltration Trench$188,046429,000
City Lot #3Bioretention, Porous Pavement$183,402656,000
Creekwalk: Jefferson to WaltonBioretention, Porous Pavement$63,311135,000
Creekwalk: Walton to FayettePorous Pavement$47,000119,000
Grand Ave Porous Concrete SidewalkPorous Pavement$7,8005,000
Pearl Street Parking LotPorous Pavement$396,7721,085,000
Rosamond Gifford Zoo: Primate ExhibitCistern, Porous Pavement, Rain Garden$25,000291,000
Townsend Street Parking LotInfiltration Trench$347,596876,000
Tree Enhancement in Burnet ParkTree Plantings$11,48082,000


2010 Projects$1,270,4073,678,000
2011 Projects$12,139,55335,570,716
2012 Projects$10,882,07142,890,500
2013 Projects$7,618,72348,864,800
2014 Projects$2,112,10713,246,000
2015 Projects$351,646803,600
2016 Projects$4,150,5337,716,000
2017 Projects$843,5001,922,557
2018 Projects$4,521,28422,220,200
2019 Projects$8,668,50021,422,095
TOTAL TO DATE$52,558,324198,334,468

*Construction costs may be subject to change during the construction process.
**Capture reflects the total annual stormwater runoff reduction.