Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

Disconnecting Noncompliant Connections

First locate your sump pump. If it connects to any other pipe in your home it is likely incorrectly connected to the sanitary sewer. Also, downspouts that disappear into the ground are also likely improperly connected, carrying rainwater, dead leaves and debris into the sewer. Each of these connections should be redrected into your yard at ground level.

Before disconnecting make sure your sump pump is only draining clear floodwater from your basement.

Sump pumps that drain a washing machine or sink drain should NOT be discharged into your yard.

Disconnecting your own sump pump is possible if you are familiar with plumbing. But if not, please contact a licensed and bonded plumber or approved home improvement professional for help.

To Disconnect your sump pump from the Sanitary Sewers:

Step 1: Turn off the electrical supply
Step 2: Remove old pipes
Step 3: Seal the connection to the sewer
Step 4: Redirect water flow outside