Gray Projects

Gray infrastructure improvements are an integral part of the Save the Rain program’s approach to stormwater management. Gray infrastructure improvements help to improve water quality in Onondaga Lake and its tributaries while helping to reduce combined sewer overflows.

Gray infrastructure is commonly referred to as “traditional” infrastructure that includes the utilization of pipes, concrete, overall of the sewer system.

Some of the gray infrastructure projects involve combined sewer separations, which separate the stormwater sewer and sanitary sewer, eliminating the possibility of a combined sewer overflow.

Larger gray infrastructure projects have included the construction of storage facilities such as the Clinton Storage Facility, and the Lower Harbor Brook Storage Facility that capture and store stormwater runoff and then convey it to the Syracuse Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant for full treatment once a storm has passed and capacity has returned.

Gray and green infrastructure work together in the Save the Rain program to maximize stormwater runoff capture and increase water quality in the most effective way.

Below you will find information about the gray infrastructure projects completed by the Save the Rain program.

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