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Harrison Street – Commercial Green Street

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: Archived


*TOTAL cost



The stormwater retrofit project along the 300 block of Harrison Street (next to the OnCenter) featured the installation of a new sidewalk planter that uses bioretention practices to capture and treat surface runoff from the adjacent roadway. Runoff enters the planter via four new curb stormwater inlets, irrigating the new native shade trees, ornamental shrubs, and colorful perennials, and then infiltrates through an aggregate trench into the ground below.

The project is located on the southern side of Harrison Street, between Montgomery and State Streets, on the northern side of the OnCenter Convention Center, across from the historic War Memorial Arena. The OnCenter is home to countless entertainment attractions for local, regional and national audiences. Since 1992, the OnCenter has been the premiere convention location for the region.

Download Project Specs and details below:

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Project Overview

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Technical Specifications (PDF)
Technical Specifications


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Harrison Street Project Plans (PDF)
Project Plans

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Harrison St Commercial Green Street Project Status Report (PDF)
Project Status Report (PDF)


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