Connective Corridor Phase 1, Project 2: Forman Park

The Connective Corridor Forman Park project was the second of three 2011 Save the Rain projects done in partnership with the City of Syracuse and Syracuse University. The City and University are constructing a corridor between University Hill and Downtown Syracuse and the Save the Rain program has partnered with both to include green infrastructure throughout the corridor. Combined, the 2011 Connective Corridor Projects prevent a total of 5.9 million gallons of stormwater from entering the combined sewer system annually.

The Forman Park project consisted of enhancing the landscaping in and around the park, while capturing stormwater from within the park. In total, 4,045 shrubs and perennials were planted as part of this project, servicing 6,800 square feet of drainage area and capturing 121,000 gallons of stormwater annually.

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Connective Corridor Forman Park Project Overview Project Overview Forman Park Project Plans Project Plans Part 1 Forman Park Project Plans Part 2 Project Plans Part 2

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