City Parking Lot #4

City Lot #4


City Lot 4 - 09-2012


This project involved the construction of two infiltration trenches under porous asphalt within City Lot #4. The porous asphalt infiltration beds were designed to capture runoff from the parking lot itself, as well as from the I-81 NB ramp and portions of N. State Street.

In addition, a bioretention area was installed that is designed to capture runoff from the State Street I-81 NB ramp. Further, a tree trench was installed along State Street which captures runoff from the street.

In total, all of the green infrastructure elements included in this project capture 1,248,000 gallons of stormwater per year. Additionally, this project was constructed at the same time as the N. State Street Green Street project, and in total the two projects capture 2.4 million gallons of runoff annually.


Download project details below:

City Lot 4 Fact Sheet (PDF)
City Lot 4 Technical Specifications (PDF)

Technical Specifications

City Lot 4 Project Plans

Project Plans

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