CSO 010 Catch Basin Disconnection

Project Description:

The CSO 010 Catch Basin Separation and Outfall Modifications project is to improve stormwater flows into Harbor Brook instead of the Harbor Brook Interceptor Sewer. The existing catch basins at and in the vicinity of South Geddes and West Fayette Street are connected to the CSO 010 combined sewer. Approximately 90,000 square feet of impervious area drains to these catch basins. By disconnecting these catch basins from the combined sewer and improving the flows to Harbor Brook, the stormwater volume at CSO 010 and the combined sewer is expected to reduce by 1,585,000 gallons per year. Furthermore, the project is expected to reduce overflows at other downstream CSO’s (as predicted by the County’s SWMM model). This is a significant benefit for a minimally invasive and low-cost project.


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