GIF – Mister Lady Bug

GIF - Mister Ladybug

The Mister Lady Bug Green Improvement Fund (GIF) project is located at 500-506 Westcott Street east of downtown Syracuse and was part of a larger redevelopment project in the heart of the Westcott business district. The property is home to Papa John’s Pizzeria. The green infrastructure design focused on the replacement of an existing parking lot adjacent to the property.

The traditional asphalt surface of the parking lot was removed and replaced with approximately 5,733 square feet of feature porous pavement to capture stormwater on the lot. Additionally, a porous paver walkway for pedestrian traffic along the southern perimeter of the lot was installed. Enhanced landscaping, including tree plantings, was also used as design features throughout the site. In total, the project captures an estimated 113,200 gallons annually.

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GIF - Mr Ladybug Fact Sheet Project Overview



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