GIF – Synapse Downtown

GIF - Synapse DT

The Synapse Downtown Green Improvement Fund (GIF) Project is located at 360 Erie Boulevard East and 325 East Water Street.

This GIF project was part of a larger redevelopment of the site that included renovations of two existing buildings and right-of-way work. The extensive redevelopment of the site resulted in a designation by the U.S. Green Building Council as a LEED-EB Platinum certified property. The designation is the highest standard given for redeveloped properties.

The Synapse project put in place a variety of stormwater management tools to reduce runoff. It consisted of porous pavement, tree trenches, rain barrels, and a cistern system to increase infiltration and provide storage. These green practices capture stormwater runoff from an impervious area of approximately 7,261 square feet.

GIF - Synapse DT Rain Barrels

In total, the Synapse Downtown project captures an estimated 127,900 gallons annually.

Download project details below:

GIF - Synapse Fact Sheet (PDF) Project Overview



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