Greening the Gray at Clinton Storage

The Greening the Gray at the Clinton Storage Facility consists of green separation and stormwater management practices to handle runoff from the site of the Clinton Storage Facility. This project is one of several “greening of gray” projects that Onondaga County is completing under the Save the Rain program – adding green infrastructure components to gray infrastructure projects.

At Clinton Storage Facility, this includes green separation, bioretention and reuse of stormwater in the flushing chambers of the facility. New buildings being constructed for the Clinton Storage facility, and the roof leaders from the facility, will be plumbed so that stormwater does not enter Onondaga Creek, but instead enters into a bioretention area. Additionally, a second bioretention area will be constructed to capture runoff from the parking lot to be constructed on the surface, above the storage chambers. Furthermore, additional stormwater from the parking lot will be reused to flush the storage chambers beneath the parking lot.

In total, the annual stormwater capture for this site is 3,822,000 gallons per year.

Download project details below:

Clinton Storage: Greening the Gray Fact Sheet


Clinton Green Roof Clinton Roof



Greening Clinton Storage

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