SCSD – Central Offices Parking Lot

This project involves the construction of two infiltration trenches under standard asphalt and two infiltration beds beneath porous asphalt in the parking lot of the Syracuse City School District (SCSD) Central Offices on Harrison Street. These installations of green infrastructure are expected to capture over two million gallons of stormwater each year.

A unique facet of this particular project is the design of an infiltration bed along Harrison Street that will be 12 feet deep to allow the interception of a 24” storm sewer line. This storm sewer line originates from the adjacent Hutchings Psychiatric Center, allowing for the capture of runoff from not only the Central Offices Parking Lot, but also from the roof of all of the Hutchings’ buildings and Hutchings’ parking lot, making this particular project one of the most cost-efficient projects thus far in the Save the Rain program.

Download project details below:

SCSD Central Offices Parking Lot Fact Sheet (PDF)

SCSD Central Offices Parking Lot Technical Specifications (PDF) Technical Specifications

SCSD Central Offices Parking Lot Project Plans (PDF) Project Plans

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