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The Dr. Weeks Elementary School Project included green infrastructure enhancements in conjunction with an existing project at the school managed by the Joint School Construction Board (JSCB). The JSCB implemented a wide-range of retrofit enhancements to the school building and property and the Save the Rain Program provided green infrastructure improvements.

The project consisted of two bioretention areas that were designed to capture runoff from nearly all of the impervious area on the surrounding the site. This includes all of the paved areas in and around the playground and the parking lot adjacent to the school. In total, this project prevents 2,177,000 gallons of stormwater from entering into the combined sewer system annually.

Download project details below:

SCSD Dr. Weeks Elementary Project Overview (PDF)

Project Overview

SCSD Weeks Elementary Project Plans Part 1 (PDF)

Project Plans Part 1

SCSD Weeks Elementary Project Plans Part 2 (PDF)

Project Plans Part 2

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