Vacant Lot: 701 Oswego St.

Vacant Lot 701 Oswego Street - AFTER
The Vacant Lot Oswego Street Project was the first vacant lot completed in the Save the Rain campaign. The vision of the Vacant Lot program is to convert City-owned empty lot properties into useable spaces for public benefit. This vision also provides the opportunity for stormwater management and capture at vacant lot sites. 

Vacant Lot Program - 701 Oswego St

The Oswego Street project involved the installation of two infiltration trenches designed to capture stormwater from Oswego and Shonnard streets via existing stormwater infrastructure. The existing catch basins along both streets convey stormwater into the infiltration trenches. Also included in this project was the construction of an urban garden which will consist of apple and peach trees as well as berry bushes.

This green infrastructure is designed to capture up to 1” of rainfall at a given time, reducing annual stormwater runoff by approximately 259,000 gallons.

Download project details below:

Vacant Lot Oswego St Project Overview (PDF) Project Overview
Vacant Lot Oswego St Technical Specifications (PDF) Technical Specifications

Vacant Lot Oswego St Project Plans (PDF) Project Plans

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