Vacant Lot: 109 Hartson Street

Vacant Lot Project - 109 Hartson Street

The Vacant Lot Project at 109 Hartson Street involved the installation of an urban forest and rain garden, which both beautifies the lot and provides increased ecological benefits and will also capture stormwater runoff from adjacent Hartson Street. After capturing the runoff, the rain garden allows the runoff to infiltrate into the ground as it would in a natural environment instead of entering into the sewer system, which stormwater often does in paved, urban environments.

The trees planted at this site included Eastern Redbud, Black Gum, and Wafer Ash. The rain garden features a mix of native shrubs, flowering perennials, and ornamental grasses designed to attract butterflies and provide a mix of color and seasonal interest.

The green infrastructure at 109 Hartson Street is designed to capture up to 1” of rainfall at a given time, reducing annual stormwater runoff by approximately 93,000 gallons.

Download project details below:

Vacant Lot - 109 Hartson St Fact Sheet (PDF) Project Overview Vacant Lot Technical Specifications (PDF) Technical Specifications Vacant Lot Bundle Project Plans (PDF) Project Plans

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