E. Water Street Pavement Removal

The East Water Street Project is one of the largest pavement removal projects thus far in the Save the Rain program. Pavement was removed at the intersection of E. Water Street and Erie Boulevard. The an 8-foot wide bike lane and an enhanced landscaped area were installed on Water Street. Furthermore, tree trenches were installed along Erie Boulevard and S. Beech Street to capture runoff from the street. Not only does the tree trench on S. Beech Street capture runoff from the street itself, but it also captures runoff from adjacent areas that flow into this direction, making this project very cost efficient.

Nearly 7,500 square feet of pavement was converted to pervious space as part of this project. This, in conjunction with the street runoff capture, adds up to an annual stormwater capture of 768,000 gallons.

Download Project Specs and details below:

East Water Street Pavement Removal Project Overview
Technical Document

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Project Details

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