Harbor Brook CSO Treatment Wetland Pilot Project

GI Technology: Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment Wetlands

The Harbor Brook CSO 018 Constructed Wetlands Pilot Treatment System will serve the dual purposes of treating overflows from CSO018, currently discharged into Harbor Brook, while also acting as a demonstration project to test the effectiveness of three types of constructed wetland treatment systems.

Based on the knowledge gained as a result of this pilot project, these wetland systems may be integrated as part of a larger constructed wetland treatment system along Harbor Brook with additional water quality, natural habitat, recreational, educational, and other community benefits. The project will be located within the approximately 34 contiguous acres of Onondaga County owned land known as the Velasko Road Detention Basin.

This constructed wetland pilot project will capture and treat approximately 13.6 million gallons of combined sewage each year and substantially improve the quality of the stormwater discharge into Harbor Brook.

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Harbor Brook Project Overview

Harbor Brook FAQ

Basis of Design Report, May 2011

Joint Application for Permit, July 2011

Design Report, July 2011

Technical Specifications, July 2011

Operation and Maintenance Plan

Monitoring Plan

Design Drawings