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City Parking Lot at Pearl Street gets a new look.

The Pearl Street parking lot in the City of Syracuse recently received a complete transformation. The lot was renovated as part of Onondaga County’s Save the Rain Program to implement green infrastructure to reduce stormwater runoff pollution and clean Onondaga Lake.

Pearl Street Before

The old lot incorporated the use of traditional asphalt and discharged stormwater into the local sewer system. The traditional method of stormwater discharge can overload the sewer lines and trigger overflow events that lead to polluted stormwater and sanitary waste water to flow into Onondaga Lake and its tributaries.

Pearl Street After

Onondaga County, in collaboration with the City of Syracuse identified the Pearl Street Lot as a prime candidate to receive a “green” facelift. The Lot was that using both conventional and environmentally friendly solutions to mitigate stormwater runoff to the sewer system. Sections of the lot feature traditional asphalt that is designed to allow stormwater to flow to the section of the lot that utilizes porous concrete. The porous concrete is designed to allow the stormwater to penetrate the pavement and be stored in a underground infiltration bed. The infiltration bed t will collect the stormwater temporarily and slowly discharge the water into the ground. The new design will prevent the stormwater from reaching the sewer system and reduce sewer overflow events.

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