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Our Partners

Baltimore Woods

Nature in the City

Save the Rain works with Baltimore Woods, through their Nature in the City program, to provide environmental education to every third-grader in the Syracuse City School District (SCSD). Educators from Baltimore Woods provide “hands-on, minds-on” lessons to students through three separate class sessions. These lessons are integrated with the SCSD science curriculum, and are centered around water quality and green infrastructure learning.

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museum of science & Technology

The MOST is a key player in delivering interactive science education to people of all ages and abilities in Central New York.  Save the Rain has partnered with The MOST to leverage their extensive outreach network to deliver various promotional and outreach programs to the community. Examples include Save the Rain themed demonstrations by MOST science educators, rotations of Save the Rain videos in the Galson Issues Theatre, tabling space for use by Save the Rain staff to promote activities/programs, space for the Green Infrastructure Model Home exhibit, and Connect the Drops messaging on the popular climbing wall.

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Onondaga Earth Corps and Cornell Cooperative Extension

Save the Rain had a goal of planting 8,500 trees in the City of Syracuse by 2018. As part of this program, Save the Rain partnered with Onondaga Earth Corps (OEC) and Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) to train and hire youth and young adults to lead in planting and maintaining hundreds of trees throughout the City of Syracuse. This program provides job training and employment experience while empowering local youth to be leaders and good stewards of the environment in their community.

OEC and CCE also help to coordinate community tree planting events throughout the Fall and Spring. Be sure to check this website and our social media pages to see what upcoming events we have planned!

OEC also maintains green infrastructure projects located throughout the City.

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