GIF – Gemmi Boy

GIF - Gemmi Boy

The Gemmi Boy Green Improvement Fund (GIF) project is located at 508-510 Westcott Street. The project was a comprehensive renovation of a previously unused courtyard behind two businesses in the Westcott business district.

The project includes several green infrastructure elements. The first was the reconstruction of the courtyard utilizing porous pavers to accommodate an outdoor eating area. Second, an overflow drywell and underground infiltration system with a cistern was installed to capture runoff from an adjacent building’s roof. Finally, the project included added green space to reduce the amount of impervious area and improve the overall aesthetics.

In total, the Gemmi Boy project captures an estimated 108,200 gallons of stormwater annually – preventing that water from entering the combined sewer system and thus reducing the occurrence of combined sewer overflows.

Download project details below:

GIF - Gemmi Boy Fact Sheet Project Overview


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