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Pearl Street Parking Lot

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Porous Pavement
Project Year: Archived


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The Pearl Street Parking Lot Retrofit Project was a renovation of an existing one-acre asphalt/gravel parking lot located at the intersection of Pearl Street and Belden Avenue. The project transformed the existing lot into a partial porous asphalt parking lot featuring 25,000 square feet of subsurface infiltration to capture stormwater runoff. The rest of the parking lot was repaved with standard bituminous pavement sloped toward the porous surface.

The retrofit project was designed to capture and infiltrate at least one inch of stormwater runoff from not only the one-acre lot, but also adjacent areas of Pearl Street, East Belden Avenue, and Interstate-81, resulting in a total estimated annual stormwater runoff capture of 1.3 million gallons. The design also featured pretreatment technology using inlet filter inserts, a 2-inch wide riverstone border at the edge of the new pavement with stainless steel edging material, and new ornamental tree and shrub plantings around the perimeter of the lot.

Download Project Specs and details below:

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Pearl Street Project Overview

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Pearl Street Project Specs


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Pearl Street Project Plans

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Pearl Street Lot Project Completion Report (PDF)
Project Completion Report (PDF)


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