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Townsend Median Project – Phase 2

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Tree Planting
Project Year: Archived


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The Townsend Median Project, completed in 2011, is a stormwater retrofit project that featured the landscape restoration of the existing Townsend Street median.  Phase 2 involved the installation of various planting plugs and shrubs along of S. Townsend Street between E. Taylor Street and E. Adams Street.

The new median is designed to be below street level, allowing stormwater from both sides of S. Townsend Street to drain directly into the median, irrigate new vegetation, and slowly infiltrate. This project was the second Save the Rain project along the Townsend Street median, with the first spanning the length of the median between E. Genesee and E. Adams Street. The two Townsend Median projects, phases 1 and 2, capture a total of approximately 370,000 gallons of stormwater runoff each year.

Download project specs and details below:

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Technical Specifications


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Project Plans

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Townsend Median Project Completion Report (PDF)
Project Completion Report


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