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Village of North Syracuse, Centerville Park


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CentervilleNorth Syracuse Centerville Park - Aerial Image

This project is located in Centerville Park in the Village of North Syracuse and will install 2 stormwater collections systems, each conveying surface runoff to an independent underground infiltration system.

The infiltration systems will have perforated piping within an infiltration bed designed to accommodate the runoff from 111,892 square feet of surface area, capturing 759,200 gallons each year.

Centerville Park is heavily frequented by area residents year round. This project provides educational opportunities and will include an informational plaque describing the infiltration system. This plaque will also include information about maintenance and a contact number to call to report maintenance problems.

Maintenance will include prevention of debris and sediment from entering the drainage system via sweeping the parking area and basketball court each spring and fall. Mowing operations will be adjusted to blow grass clippings toward the lawn rather than the impervious surfaces. Inspections will occur monthly and during or after rain events to ensure proper functioning of the system.

Download project details below:

North Syracuse Centerville Park - SGIP Fact Sheet
Project Overview
N Syr Centerville Park Application
North Syracuse SGIP Application

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