Businesses can make a direct difference in the water quality of Onondaga Lake and its tributaries by focusing on two major issues. By reducing stormwater runoff from their properties, businesses can reduce the amount of stormwater entering the sewer system which will lead to improved water quality of Onondaga Lake and its tributaries. Businesses can also help pick up litter around their place of business to help beautify Onondaga County and keep litter out of Onondaga Lake. Here are a few easy ways businesses can help Save the Rain:

1.) Reduce impervious surfaces – Impervious surfaces include your roof, driveway, sidewalks and parking lots. Green roofs reduce rooftop runoff by utilizing vegetation on the rooftop to catch the rain where it lands. Porous pavement can also be used in parking lots and on walkways to help with stormwater infiltration. Save the Rain may be able to help fund your green infrastructure improvements though our Green Improvement Fund!

2.) Help Block Litter – by picking up litter around your place of business and providing trash cans can greatly improve the appearance of your neighborhood. You can also encourage neighboring businesses to also pitch in and help keep the area litter free. Learn more about the Block Litter program at

3.) Check to see roof and sump pump drains are not tied into the sewer system, these drains should be disconnected from the sanitary sewer and rerouted into other suitable locations.

4.) Use and dispose of chemical products properly – Anytime you use gasoline, paint, motor oil, fertilizer, pesticides or any other chemicals DO NOT dispose of them by pouring them down drains. Businesses should contact the Onondaga County Resource and Recovery Agencyfor instructions on disposal of these products.