There are so many ways for educators and students to continue good environmental stewardship, teach the benefits of utilizing green infrastructure to manage stormwater, teach students to “Connect the Drops” between litter on our streets and litter in Onondaga Lake, while combatting litter in our neighborhoods, through the Block Litter program.

Teaching the next generation about the effects of pollution to local water ways gives our youth the chance to make a difference in their neighborhoods and in our watersheds. Save the Rain partnered with Baltimore Woods Nature Center to teach elementary school children the importance of good environmental stewardship to help protect Onondaga Lake and our natural resources.

Local schools have also incorporated green infrastructure into their curriculum’s by placing rain barrels in their community gardens. Save the Rain partnered with the Syracuse City School District to add green infrastructure to school renovation projects, including Seymour Elementary, Dr. Weeks Elementary, Hughes Magnet School, and Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central. Each year, the Save the Rain team also leads a tree planting with students planting trees at their school to celebrate Arbor Day.

Save the Rain also hosts an annual rain barrel art contest in which the community votes on rain barrels that are painted by student artists from elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in Onondaga County.

The biggest educational event of the year is the annual Clean Water Fair – and it’s fun for all ages! This year’s Clean Water Fair includes plant tours, children games and activities, innovations in wastewater treatment, green infrastructure, and much more!

The Save the Rain program is a critical element of the remarkable recovery of Onondaga Lake. Part of this story is told in the tremendous number of freshwater fish now part of the ecosystem. This poster of fish found in the lake may be a great education tool to help students understand our connection with the environment and the natural resources in the lake. The Restoring Our Waters poster assists providing a great visual display to build lessons about the water environment, everyone’s role in this success, and our ongoing opportunities to do our part to keep water clean.