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Butternut Street Green Corridor

Status: Ongoing
GI Technology: Porous Pavers
Project Year: 2021


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Project Description:

The Butternut Street Green Corridor project is a comprehensive green street application located on Butternut Street between Lodi Street and North Salina Street. This is a high priority sewershed that discharges frequently during rain events.

The design implements green infrastructure applications at key points along the street in order to capture stormwater and enhance local urban streetscapes. Installation of green infrastructure practices reduces the quantity of stormwater in the collection system through stormwater re-use (i.e rainwater harvesting) and infiltration. Stormwater collected in green infrastructure practices infiltrates the soil and does not reach the combined sewer. As a result, less stormwater is collected and treated at publicly owned treatment works (i.e. Metro WWTP) and results in a reduced operating cost for the County.

The project incorporates the installation of porous pavers and enhanced tree trenches to enhance water quality within the region and reduce the potential for combined sewer overflows (CSO). The project is partially funded through the Green Innovation Grant Program administered by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation through a $1 million grant.

An additional benefit of the Butternut Street Green Corridor Project is it offers the opportunity to increase the aesthetic value along Butternut Street. This project aims to combine the benefits of enhanced water quality through implementation of stormwater management practices, increase area aesthetics, and enhance usable space along the street.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the project manager:

Jed Walsh
Stormwater Program Coordinator
Phone: 315-435-5402

Download project details below:

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