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Connective Corridor Phase 1, Project 1: University Ave

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: Archived


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The Connective Corridor project was a major infrastructure project that creates a strong visual and physical link along the major streetscape connections between Syracuse University and the downtown business districts. The project built upon needed public works improvements, incorporating green infrastructure such as tree trenches and porous pavement into traffic-calming streetscape designs that feature bicycle lanes, landscape buffers between vehicular and pedestrian zones, and enhanced pedestrian facilities. The project required close collaboration and cooperation among the City, Syracuse University, and the County.

The first phase of the Connective Corridor project involved the design and construction of a green street on the section of University Avenue between East Genesee and Waverly Streets, in the heart of the Syracuse University area. The project is one of the most significant collaborations between the City, County and Syracuse University and will mitigate a considerable amount of stormwater runoff. In addition to large-scale capture, the project provides a showcase for the implementation of green infrastructure in urban settings in a highly-travelled corridor of the City.

The first Save the Rain project in the Connective Corridor was the green infrastructure installed on University Ave.  Porous pavers, bioretention, tree plantings, and porous concrete parking lanes were included in this project.

Snapshot of the University Ave project- from design to construction to completion (375 KB PDF)
( provided by Syracuse University/Connective Corridor)

Download Project Specs and details below:

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Connective Corridor Phase 1 Fact Sheet

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Project Plans



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