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Creekwalk: Jefferson to Walton

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Porous Pavement
Project Year: Archived


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Project Description:

This phase of the greening of the Syracuse Creekwalk project involved multiple green stormwater infrastructure features along the eastern bank of the Onondaga Creek, between the start of the Creekwalk at West Jefferson Street through Walton Street. The green design included a parking lot on West Jefferson Street constructed entirely with porous asphalt, as well as a parking lot on Walton Street that incorporated a porous asphalt strip for collecting stormwater.  In addition, a Flexi-pave flexible porous walkway, as well as a bioretention garden, was constructed for collection, storage, and infiltration of stormwater runoff from the Creekwalk and adjacent impervious surfaces.

Most notably, this portion of the project uses four different green infrastructure technologies within the first block of the Creekwalk. Creekwalk users can observe and interpret all these green features while winding their way along the expansive pathway overlooking the creek.

This was the first segment of the City’s Creekwalk Project, which creates a continuous multi-use trail along Onondaga Creek from the Armory Square district to the shores of Onondaga Lake. The vision for the Syracuse Creekwalk is to reunite recreational opportunities with the City’s natural amenities, while also introducing signage to educate the public about the County’s green stormwater infrastructure initiatives.

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Project Overview

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