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Geddes Street Road Reconstruction

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: Archived


*TOTAL cost



The Geddes Street Road Reconstruction Project was coordinated with needed public roadway improvements along South Geddes Street, which borders the George Fowler High School parking lot and sports fields in addition to other parcels.

This project featured the design and installation of vegetated curb extensions adjacent to the sidewalk on the western side of the 300-500 blocks of South Geddes Street. Vegetated curb extensions with subsurface infiltration trenches capture and infiltrate stormwater runoff from the right of way, preventing approximately 523,000 gallons per year from entering the combined sewer system.


Download project details below:

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Geddes Street

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Project Plans

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Geddes Street Project Completion Report (PDF)
Project Completion Report (PDF)


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