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GIF – Bellevue Country Club

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Porous Pavement
Project Year: 2019


*TOTAL cost




Project Description:

The Bellevue Country Club Green Infrastructure project was completed in the 2021 construction season. The project included methods of preventing stormwater runoff that were funded by the Green Improvement Fund (GIF) and was broken into two segments; replacing the existing parking lot with a porous pavement parking lot and added green space and replacing the existing overflow structure in the lower pond with a new overflow structure with release control to reduce combined sewer overflows from CSOs 078 and 018.

A portion of the parking lot and driveway areas at the club were replaced with porous asphalt pavement. The total area of porous pavement is 5,175 square feet and allows for a minimum of one inch of rainfall to be captured and infiltrated into a subsurface infiltration trench. The total area draining to the porous asphalt is approximately 35,840 square feet, which will result in an annual runoff capture of 640,800 gallons of stormwater. Added greenspace was added along the northeast side of the parking lot to further reduce stormwater runoff and improve traffic flow into and out of the parking lot.

Prior to the project, the ponds on the golf course were a significant source of inflow into the combined sewer system during wet periods. By controlling that flow with the new overflow structure, the storage within the ponds is maximized and flows to the combined sewer are reduced. The control of the outlet flow from the lower pond provides a significant benefit to the combined sewer system; over 6 million gallons of flow will be detained annually as a result of the change.

Post-Construction photo of the new overflow structure for the lower pond.
Post-Construction photo showing porous pavement section of parking lot.

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