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GIF – JMA Tech Cortland Ave

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Porous Pavement
Project Year: 2019


*TOTAL cost



Project Description:

The JMA Tech Cortland Ave. Green Infrastructure project was completed in the 2021 construction season. The project included methods of preventing stormwater runoff that were funded by the Green Improvement Fund (GIF).

A capture and slow-release chamber system and added green space were used in this project to manage stormwater runoff. The northern portion of the existing parking lot was converted into green space, as well as the area surrounding the lot on the southern and eastern sides. The added green spaced totaled to 16,555 square feet and included 20 tree plantings. Both the added green space and trees capture 643,800 gallons of stormwater runoff annually. A capture and slow-release chamber system was built underneath the remaining parking lot, and stormwater runoff from the lot was routed into the chamber where it is stored and slowly released back to the combined sewer. The total area draining to the system is approximately 17,672 square feet, which will result in an annual runoff capture of 336,500 gallons of stormwater. In total, 980,300 gallons of annual stormwater capture is provided by this project.

Installation of capture and slow-release chamber system.
Added green space around new parking lot area.

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