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GIF – Lodi Laundromat

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Porous Pavement
Project Year: 2020


*TOTAL cost



Project Description:

The Lodi Laundromat Green Infrastructure project was completed in the 2021 construction season. The project included methods of preventing stormwater runoff that were funded by the Green Improvement Fund (GIF).

Porous pavement and added green space were used in this project to manage stormwater runoff. The total area of porous pavement is 2,215 square feet and allows for a minimum of two inches of rainfall to be captured and infiltrated into a subsurface infiltration trench. A roof drain was installed to collect the runoff from the roof of the laundromat in a catch basin and direct flow into the infiltration basin below the porous asphalt. The total area draining to the porous asphalt is approximately 5,700 square feet, which will result in an annual runoff capture of 109,800 gallons of stormwater. Added greenspace was added along the southwest side of the parking lot to further reduce stormwater runoff, resulting in a total annual runoff capture of 109,800 gallons for the project.

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