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GIF – Pike Block

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: 2014


*TOTAL cost



Pike Block is a commercial real estate organization that redeveloped four vacant historic buildings on South Salina Street in downtown Syracuse.  This GIF project consisted of a stormwater cistern system, as well as subsurface infiltration chambers in the courtyard area to mitigate approximately 33,025 square feet of impervious drainage area.

The twelve, 1,550 gallon stormwater cisterns were installed in the basements of each of four buildings on this site. Each of the cisterns collect runoff from the roof of the buildings and store it for reuse as flushing water within the buildings sanitary system. Runoff from within the courtyard is directed into a subsurface infiltration system, where it is stored until it infiltrates in the surrounding soils.

In total, the Pike Block project captures an estimated 585,000 gallons annually.

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