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GIF – RF Esposito Parking Lot

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: 2016


*TOTAL cost



RF Esposito Parking Lot

Project Description: The R.F. Esposito Green Improvement Fund (GIF) project was completed in 2016. The project was part of a larger redevelopment project for a former industrial building that was converted to residential and business space. The green infrastructure included a capture and slow release system and 14 new tree plantings on the private property owned by R.F. Esposito, LLC.

Runoff is conveyed from the roof of the building and the parking lot to the underground stone storage area where it is held and slowly released back to the combined sewer system over time. The building’s roof drains were modified to allow for redirecting the roof runoff into the parking lot. Being completely underground, the slow release system provides an increased high capture volume without requiring an obtrusive footprint at the surface. Runoff from 33,974 square feet of impervious drainage area is managed in this project, resulting in approximately 643,200 gallons of stormwater runoff captured annually.

Download project details below:

RF Esposito Parking Lot Fact Sheet
Project Overview

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