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GIF – Spa at 500 W. Onondaga Parking Lot

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: Archived


*TOTAL cost



The Spa at 500 West Onondaga project was one of the first applications for funding awarded under the Green Improvement Fund. The project, located on the Near Westside, involved replacing a traditional asphalt parking lot with an extensive bioretention and landscaping system to mitigate stormwater runoff from the property.

The new parking lot features several bioretention areas along the perimeter and center sections of the lot. Enhanced landscaping, including shrub and tree plantings, was also used as design features on the lot. The project captures 150,000 gallons annually.

The Spa at 500 also has recently installed a green roof with funding from Save the Rain. 

Download project details below:

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Project Overview

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