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GIF – University Hill Apartments

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: 2014


*TOTAL cost



GIF - University Hill Apts Porous Parking Lot

Project Description:

The Green Improvement Fund project at University Hill Apartments is located at 205 Westcott Street. The project includes the renovation of an existing parking lot and walkway for an apartment complex located in the Syracuse University Area.

University Hill Apartments partnered with Onondaga County Save the Rain through the Green Improvement Fund to implement green infrastructure elements to manage the stormwater runoff onsite.

Green infrastructure features were installed throughout the property with porous pavement installed in a parking area in front of the building. Additionally, roof drains have been connected to the parking area to capture approximately half of the roof runoff (along with the surface runoff from the parking lot). The remaining runoff is directed to the rear of the building, where a porous paver walkway was installed to work in conjunction with an underground infiltration system.

Approximately 11,176 square feet of green infrastructure was installed that will capture an estimated 299,100 gallons of stormwater annually.

Download project details below:

GIF - University Hill Apts

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