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Rosamond Gifford Zoo: Elephant Exhibit Green Roof

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Green Roofs
Project Year: Archived


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Project Description:

Green roof installation was completed in May 2011 at the new, larger elephant barn at Rosamond Gifford Zoo.  This vegetative roof absorbs stormwater and prevents 114,000 gallons of runoff from entering the sewer annually.

The green roof was part of a phased green renovation effort at the Zoo. In 2010, green enhancements were completed in the courtyard with the connection of downspouts from the atrium building to a rain barrel and installation of porous pavement in the walkway surrounding the new primate exhibit.

The elephant exhibit redevelopment included construction of the elephant barn and new spectator pavilion. In addition, the project included refurbishing of an existing four-acre elephant yard with rain gardens and open green space applications in the footprint.

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Elephant Green Roof Fact Sheet
Project Overview
Project Plans

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