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Street Tree Planting – Marcellus St

Status: Completed
GI Technology: Bioswale
Project Year: Archived



Marcellus Tree Planting

The Street Tree Project along Marcellus Street involved the installation of eight new trees on Marcellus Street, between Geddes Street and Ontario Street. These features serve to beautify the street while also capturing stormwater runoff. This approach was chosen for this site due to environmental concerns of doing a full-scale green infrastructure project.

Each tree captures approximately 2,000 gallons of stormwater per year – totaling of 16,000 gallons of capture for this project each year.

The eight new trees planted along the street include Chinese Elm Hybrids and State Street Maples. These trees will provide increased stormwater capture and improved aesthetics along Marcellus Street for many years to come.

Download project details below:

Street Trees on Marcellus Ave Fact Sheet
Project Overview



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